Now about those weights

Last week I wrote about product comparisons, and a way to add some rigor to the typical approach. The problem has always been that if the weights and scores are all judgements, it’s too easy to fudge the decision to make your favorite product win. So, based loosely on my approach to scoring candidates and building a career path, I came up with some criteria for scoring.

Here are some categories for weighting the decision criteria. I’m going to try these in the current product comparison.

0 – Totally unimportant – why then is it included in the comparison?

1 – Nice to have feature: users will be delighted, but not rely on this criterion.

2 – Should have feature: users will gain productivity or ease of use from this criterion.

3 – Expected feature for a product of this class

4 – Must have: we are relying on this criterion to support an important aspect of our business.

5 – Criterion that we will use for competitive advantage

So now, there should be far fewer criteria weighted at 5, and we should also have far fewer scoring 5.

Typically, I have used weight x score to determine the weighted score, but with the way these are worded, it’s almost something like 2^weight x 2^score would be a more useful scoring function.

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