How to bring a good salad to work

Okay, this is a little off topic, but I just have to get it out there.

I’ve been trying to eat more salads. I had great notions of completely replacing my lunches with salad, but well, salad five times per week would be pretty boring. So, it’s more like three, and I still have a sandwich twice a week.

The problem was the dressing. I started with bringing the dressing on the side, like my office mate, but that’s extra weight in the backpack. So, I quickly went to dressing the salad in the morning. Sadly, this wilted the salad by noon, and I was left with an even less appetizing meal.

Fortunately, I came up with a simple solution!

Now I am putting the dressing in the container before adding any of the ingredients. Effectively, I make the salad upside down. I put the dressing in, cover it with something that’s a little absorbent, like shredded carrot, then any other bits of red pepper, tomato etc. I put the lettuce or spinach in last.

The dressing never touches the greens until I dump everything upside down in a bowl and toss it together. Presto, nice firm greens.

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4 Responses to “How to bring a good salad to work”

  1. Mo Says:

    maybe you should just bring a bottle of dressing to work, store it in Brian’s fridge and use it whenever you bring salad to work 😉

  2. renegourley Says:

    Well, maybe I should, but then you would surely take some of my dressing, and Brian would dip in there occasionally, and then Don, and before you know it, I would show up one day to find an empty container in the fridge, and I would have a dressing crisis on my hands! In fact, that would probably happen even if no one used it except me. Anyway, this way I don’t have dressing crises, and I can use different dressing every day.

    On another note, I’ve since learned that things like nuts, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and so on absorb moisture from the dressing, and are not crunchy at lunch time. They need to go on top of the lettuce.

  3. Matt Says:

    I usually just put a single servings worth of dressing in a small container to carry along side.

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