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A Mobile Usability Testing Filming Rig

August 12, 2015

Yesterday, a couple of my interaction design folks came to my office with a webcam and a cheap light from Ikea.  They had had the brilliant idea of mounting the webcam on the light so they could film usability testing on our mobile app.  The masking tape version they had assembled worked fine for internal testing, but tomorrow they’re heading to a branch at VanCity to test with real members, and they wanted something a little more professional-looking.

It turns out this Ikea lamp is made to be hacked with the niceEshop webcam.  All we had to do was take the reflector out, along with the socket, switch and bulb.  Then it was easy to thread the webcam wire through the hole where the lamp switch had been. The webcam wire has a little rheostat along its length to adjust the light brightness, and this needed to be taken apart and reassembled to make it through the hole in the lamp.

I took the reflector home last night to expose it to my hack saw and Dremel tool for fifteen minutes to get rid of the parabolic part of the reflector and to make a place where we can reach the camera on-off button.  Then this morning, I re-installed the reflector with some Blu-Tak to keep the camera from moving around.  If I wanted to be professional about it, I might have used some black silicone, but nobody will see the Blu-Tak anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I love managing a team of developers, designers and testers.  But occasionally I get to play MacGyver, and that is really fun.